Best Free Digital Signature Solution for Your Business

Best Free Digital Signature Solution for Your Business

SignNow provides its customers with a simple yet powerful online solution for editing and signing PDF documents electronically. In fact, it allows you to skip printing out and signing paper copies by hand. Instead, you can easily add your autograph by simply uploading any file to your SignNow account.

Working with the app doesn’t require any advanced knowledge, nor you need to download any software and install it on your device. With SignNow, you can effortlessly sign and share documents, as well as to send signature requests to other users, set signing order, specify roles, etc.

How to Create an E-signature Online with SignNow

In order to create an original handwritten sample of your digital signature, upload a document to your SignNow account, open it and select the ‘My Signature’ bar from the menu on the left. In the new window, choose the option that suits you most:

  • Type in your full name, choose one of the handwritten samples below and click ‘Add’.
  • Create a smooth handwritten-looking autograph using mouse, touchpad or touchscreen of your phone or tablet.
  • Upload signature from a scanned image.
  • Check the ‘Make it My Signature’ bar below to save your signature and reuse it later.

Any signature you create with SignNow is legally valid. Our web-based app has a simple user-friendly interface on one hand and ensures a high level of security for your documents on the other. Try it now and join millions of users worldwide.

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